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End of Summer…. Countdown To Fall


I always embrace this time of year. September is really beautiful. The humidity drops, the crowds everywhere lessen, and traffic becomes less grid-locky. It’s a mini-extender of the season we love (summer!) and the perfect time to prepare for the ‘Back to’… school, life, reality in general, lunches sans rose.. insert word that applies to you _____here.

Whatever IT is that you are getting ‘back to’ there is a sense of relaxation. I hope you all took advantage of some time-off. I know I desperately tried to soak up the sun, but either way I’m using the next 6 weeks (until my Birthday on October 13th) to fully and completely re-set.

A reset to me means honoring my health, with moderation. Sleep and exercise and more careful eating. I mean, the occasional splurge must happen but the daily ‘eating french fries off my daughter plate’ needs to cease. Just in time for the sweater weather girls – life is cruel, ha! Someone cue ‘Cruel summer’ STAT! Encore summer please…