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Dress Up

Transition Time Tips


 The summer heat is on full blast. Yet, walk into any store and boom! Fall fashions front and center have you sweating (well, I’m speaking for myself). The ‘September Issues’ are out and fall trend forecasts were announced before anyone could say Memorial Day. So why do I always struggle buying that wool car coat or suede ankle booties this time of year? Perhaps it’s admitting to myself that summer is fleeting. Maybe, it’s my refusal to think about anything remotely having to do with snow. Recently, I was able to commit to cold weather wear. A camel cape coat that, if timed perfectly, I will wear exactly 4.5 times before it's too cold to be useful anymore. Damn to the sensible stye! I also picked up a cream long sleeve sweater. For me, that piece is a yearly staple. It never fails that I completely trash it by living in it for an entire season. I also purchased a Veronica Beard Jacket that was cream and camel which I’ve already decided must come out to play as soon at we hit 60 degrees!


How to solve the dilemma of what to buy now before what you want is sold out by those early bird shoppers? The advice I’m taking myself is definitely grab what you missed out on last year. I searched for tan leather knee high boots but missed the window by October. Then, pick a trend or two you are ‘feeling’ this fall and grab a select piece. When the cool kids go back to school you too will look instantly current!  Pair that trend with a fall go-to (for me that cream knit)! Then boom! You will be over the transition hump!