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End of Summer…. Countdown To Fall

I always embrace this time of year. September is really beautiful. The humidity drops, the crowds everywhere lessen, and traffic becomes less grid-locky. It’s a mini-extender of the season we love (summer!) and the perfect time to prepare for the ‘Back to’… school, life, reality in general, lunches sans rose.. insert word that applies to you _____here.

Whatever IT is that you are getting ‘back to’ there is a sense of relaxation. I hope you all took advantage of some time-off. I know I desperately tried to soak up the sun, but either way I’m using the next 6 weeks (until my Birthday on October 13th) to fully and completely re-set.

A reset to me means honoring my health, with moderation. Sleep and exercise and more careful eating. I mean, the occasional splurge must happen but the daily ‘eating french fries off my daughter plate’ needs to cease. Just in time for the sweater weather girls – life is cruel, ha! Someone cue ‘Cruel summer’ STAT! Encore summer please…


Characteristics of An Intuitive Person

Invite you to a Day of Self


Bianca de la Garza and advisor of Unto Self, Alejandro Lázaro, bring you a day of retreat. Our modern western minds have left us starved for a true connection with our self and spirit. By delving deep into our psyches with meditation and self inquiry, we can begin to develop a life beyond our five senses. We begin to explore the realm of, “there must be something more,” by questioning our fundamental beliefs of the way things should be and affirming a new space of the way things can be. The modalities presented will allow for greater affect tolerance to the ebbs and flows of our privileged lives. The time is always now.


Join us for a safe, confidential, and beautiful day of connection, expansion and awareness.


Friday, August 12th 9am-6pm
A private residence 
Nantucket Island, MA
Meditation / Self Inquiry Workshops / Visualization Exercises / Light Movement
Morning tea, Vegetarian lunch, Afternoon bites


$333 per person




Retreat Invite Final


Photography as Not-Photography: A short look at looking.

By: Mitch Weiss
Mitch Weiss is a visual artist with a focus on fine art and commercial photography. His artwork resides in private collections around the globe and he photographs regularly on commission for patrons, national advertising campaigns, and magazines. Specializing in high-end portraiture, Weiss has captured some of the most iconic faces in the world today, from Lady Gaga to Annie Leibovitz.

For me, photography is fascinating because so much of it is not about photography per se. The term “photography,” in the literal sense, refers to the process of producing images by way of radiant energy projected onto a light-sensitive surface. But the root of photography as a communication device is rarely about the medium— it is about seeing and helping others to see.


As intriguing as it may be rewarding, the technical process underlying any art often overshadows the true means of creation. Because it is only with awareness that a genuine photographic likeness can be made, a visual communicator must endeavor to find balance between awareness and technicality. When I use the term awareness, I am referring to the state of thinking critically about how to convey a subject with intention, rather than jumping to capture a false moment before a thought has a chance to mature into a vision.


For the abstract candid portrait of Slash that you see here, I stood mindfully in his presence backstage. I observed him, taking care not to interfere with what I felt made Slash, Slash. Once I built a picture in my mind of how I saw him, making the photograph was comfortable and intuitive. It was much like preparing for an exam or interview— with the homework complete ahead of time, the test was simply a reactionary experience rather than a struggle.


Whether you are looking to be a better photographer or to hire a photographer, think about what you want to say or have said. The quality of meditation before a picture is made has a great effect on the power of the result.  Dan Winters, a photographer whom I greatly respect, may have put it best: “The ‘why’ precedes the ‘how.’ This, I believe, should be the goal of all art.”


Take away:

If you want to make great pictures, start by making tea.



Fly away, fly away, fly away NOW!

It’s been a historic few weeks of winter here in Boston. Why not escape the snow for a few days? You deserve it New England. I suggest the St. Regis Bahia Beach in Puerto Rico for the Vitamin D you need. It’s an easy weekend getaway.

I spent a few days there last October for my birthday with friends and family. We had a great time. There is a nice quiet beach with daybeads where you can settle in for the day.



We would start the day at the gym then walk over to the main house for breakfast. The lawn stretching out to the ocean provided a great view to what was to come.

My daughter loved the pool and the iguana who came out to play every day. The poolside cabanas have TV and refrigerators you can stock with anything you need. The service was top notch allowing us to just relax and enjoy the restful time we planned. The koi fish are fed daily and you and the kids can help – just show up.

There are s’mores by the fire pit and board games to use whenever you need, making it a great family spot. You’re close to the rainforest and not too far from Old San Juan. Usually, when looking for some R and R at a resort I hit the spa. There just wasn’t enough time that trip to check it out which makes me thing, I really do need to go back…





A Grand Getaway

Winter can be brutal here in New England. When you are indoors and surrounded by beauty even the biggest storm can be viewed with awe and appreciation. One just has to just head north to appreciate the gorgeous Omni Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods.


Omni Mount Washington-Bretton Woods Winter Activities 5


It is one of the last surviving grand hotels in the White Mountains. On approach the red roofs and long driveway have you excited for what’s in store. Once inside you see why it is so special. The lobby with its fireplace invites you in to stay for a weekend or more.


Omni Mount Washington-Exteriors  24


The idea born of industrialist Joseph Stickney who brought in more than 250 Italian artisans to construct this beauty. I stopped in after a day of snowboarding for some warm drinks and settle in for a long winter’s night. I suggest you do the same.


Omni Mount Washington-Bretton Woods Winter Activities 4

Photos Courtesy Omni Hotel


A New Year: French West Indies Style

There’s something about basking in the sun this time of year. As if us New Englanders believe it will help us endure the next nor’easter. Searching for my vitamin D fix I returned to St. Barts over the holiday. Check my travel page for my Le Guanahani post. Spa lovers and health conscious folks will enjoy that resort.


No trip is complete without seeing astrologer Hubert Delamotte. He and his wife built Hostellerie des Trois Forces in Vitet. He’s a master chef with a loyal following. A New Hampshire client flies him in every year to cook. These days Hubert’ leads you not to a kitchen but a small back room. There explaining, in his thick French accent, what the planets have in store for you. Sit and enjoy because your parting gift for 100 euros is a CD recording of the session- for mystical record keeping.




All the beaches are gorgeous. I do love Anse de Grande Saline. Named after the salt ponds that once were a big source of income for the island. I’m also a fan of a going to Flamands beach and enjoying a leisurely lunch at the Cheval Blanc- Isle de France. Sip your rosè and stroll into the hotel shop. The women working there could not be nicer. I always find a unique piece. This time a few lace cover-up’s caught my eye.


flands beach


Shopping on island is quite good. As is nightlife. You can hit clubs or board a private party on a mega yacht in Gustavia Harbor. It’s all up for the taking. If you want an experience check out Le Ti. It’s irresistible and charming. The way half naked dancers wearing masks and fishnet always are. Seriously- the ladies have talent and everyone lets loose. Isn’t vacation made for dancing on tables? Plus, how else can we burn off that marshmallow bear dessert!




Speaking of food- the restaurants are spectacular. So many to try. Eden Rock was my NYE spot. Anytime do try Georges Vongerichten’s menu on the beach at Sand Bar or overlooking St. Jean bay at On the Rocks above.
The magic of midnight there still lingers as does the urge to return to beautiful St. Bart’s.


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Getting sensible…shoes

I’m loath to admit this but I’m getting sensible in my years. While I will never give up my stilettos, I now see there are occasions when a shoe needs to be worn many hours and be comfortable. I had MAJOR breakthroughs this year. From testing the kitten heel to a total revolution- a sneaker with a skirt!



How did Chanel Trainers come to live in my closet? I was meeting with Anna Dello Russo during New York fashion week to discuss a piece on my upcoming tv show Bianca Unanchored. She walked in sporting them with her Valentino and it validated this ‘look’ for me. She is stunning and if she’s doing it well us non-Vogue editors, mere mortals must give it a go.

I looked at the sneakers in different stores… many times over many weeks. Tweed and gold or tweed and pink- big decisions! I knew I better make up my mind because soon they would be SO last season. Finally I grabbed the pair that spoke to me. In my head justifying it because these were fashion trainers, not my gym sneakers. Why not don with a dress? After all Anna did it.